Choosing the right clothing, shoes and accessories for different occasions can be a challenge, especially when fashion trends change across decades, years, seasons and even day-to-day depending on the situation. But what about your pet's fashions? Their wardrobe may not be as large or their fashion sense as astute, but understanding the current trends in pet apparel can help you be sure your pet is always safe, comfortable and stylish. Elegir la ropa adecuada para su mascota puede ser un desafío, pero si sabe qué tendencias están de moda, puede elegir la mejor ropa para vestir a su mascota con estilo. Personalization: Just as our clothes express our personalities, our pets' clothes should help express their personalities as well. Personalized items that show off a pet's breed, name or any quirky qualities are always popular choices. Items can also be personalized with a pet's identification details, including addresses, phone numbers or social media accounts so an owner can be reached if the pet is lost or missing.