Our products are of high quality, they are inspirations of recognized Perfumes. We have a wide variety of them for men and women. All our items are FREE DELIVERY IN U.SA This smells like perfume, they are designed to smell like brand name fragrances, some of them are closer than others. If you are satisfied with your brand name fragrance and you don't mind spending money, we would recommend going for brand name fragrance. Fragrances are less expensive versions of the genuine/original brand owned by their rightful owners. Impression (version/inspired) fragrances are in no way connected with the trademark or trademark owners mentioned on the packaging. We have inspirations from the Mirage brand, EBC collections, EURO COLLECTION, SP Secret Plus Brand, Shirley May Deluxe, NYC Brand, Dubai Brand, FC Fragrance Couture Collection Brand, and others that will soon be added to our website. It is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Business Gifts, any Holiday.