09 May

Are there perfumes to trust you? 

Believe it or not, science says yes.
The sense of smell is powerful and something as simple as a perfume can trigger memories, increase your level of attractiveness, and even make others trust you without having to work too hard for it. 

Has it ever happened to you that someone passes by you wearing perfume that reminds you of your grandmother or the beach where you had your best vacation? That's because aromas are hard to forget, and we tend to associate them with moments, memories, and sensations.

And it's not just about memories, the perfume you wear can even change the perception that others have of you, so it's something you should keep in mind and take loving care of every time you choose one. The right fragrance can work to your advantage when it comes to gaining a person's trust.

According to a study from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands says that the scent of lavender can make you seem like a much more trustworthy person, this is because the sense of smell triggers immediate emotional responses, and each different fragrance has effects different (there are even fragrances that are considered aphrodisiacs).

The science of trust:

There is science behind all of this. For the Leiden University study, researchers selected several participants to play a Trust Game, which is an economic experiment that resembles a Wall Street or Monopoly game. In the game, players are given an amount of money, which they can keep or transfer to someone else to increase its value. 

The key to the game is learning to recognize people who can be trusted, keeping in mind that there are always some risks involved.

The psychology test then examines how different variables influence the decision we make whether or not to trust someone in particular.
For the first round, the participants were exposed to a lavender fragrance while playing the game.

During the second they smelled mint, and in the last round there was no smell at all. With this, the scientists discovered that lavender made people trust others much more, since it is a calming fragrance that induces a state of open cognitive control.

What does this mean?
That wearing lavender perfume or spraying your office with a lavender fragrance can help make others more open to trusting you, even if you're not doing anything special to do so.

Si estás por entrar a una entrevista de trabajo, una junta importante o incluso a una cita, el aroma a lavanda no solo puede hacer que te sientas más calmado y relajado, va a producir esa misma sensación en la otra persona, y es ese estado de calma y tranquilidad lo que aumenta tu porcentaje de confiabilidad ante los demás.

Debes recordar que ganarte la confianza es una cosa complicada y se puede perder, pero vas a tener la ventaja si el perfume que uses tiene este aroma como el más predominante. Aunque después debes cuidar el resto de los factores externos y tu comportamiento.

 Iris and lavender are the heart of this masculine perfume that showed that traditionally feminine aromas can be great allies for men. It is a floral and different fragrance that has become one of the most popular and classic.


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