06 May

If you are prey to indecision every time you enter a perfume store because of all the diverse types and formats on the market, we are here to help you learn the difference between cologne and perfume. 

But that is not all! Learn about the main terms used in the world of aromas, so that you become an expert and choose the best fragrance for yourself or to give to that special person.

Since each fragrance is created with botanical extracts, it changes over time. This allows you to olfactorily experience the subtle changes in the composition: it applies to both the intensity and the maturity of the fragrance in question.


The fragrance is the root of both products: both the perfume and the cologne, that is, the aroma that envelops anyone. When talking about a fragrance we are referring to the set of olfactory notes and concentration of essential aromas in a product. Here, in addition, we can find other lesser-known subcategories such as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette.

But calm down! We know that these may sound like difficult terms, but we will explain them to you in detail in the lines below. First, we want you to focus on the two best-known fragrances of all: perfume and cologne.


Without a doubt, it is the best-known fragrance in the world as it is associated with distinction and exclusivity. It is the product that has the highest concentration of essential oils and lasts up to 24 hours after application. 

Yes, up to a full day! This is because it contains 20-30% fragrance oil blend.

As you already know, there is nothing better than wearing perfume every day, so if you want to start your week with a fabulous fragrance or make a perfect and lasting gift, perfume will be your best ally!


It is the light format of the perfume, that is, it contains between 6% and 8% essential oil. This is usually the type of product that you can use more of without overpowering the scent, so it's perfect to always carry in your purse!

Although the scent won't last all day, you can apply the cologne as many times as you like. This is the type of product that will make you feel fresh, as it is recommended for those hot days when we go for a walk or meet someone outside the home. Do not forget that a perfume or a cologne can generate emotions from the first moment we get in touch with someone else.

In conclusion, what is the difference between perfume cologne and fragrance? 

Well, it's remarkably simple, just focus on the percentage of essential oil that the product has and that's it. That's the key to the smell and how long it lasts!

What does Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette mean?
Now that you know the difference between perfume, cologne, and fragrance, we are sure that you must be wondering: what does Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette mean? Well, here we go with the answer.

Eau de Parfum means "Perfume Water".

 In other words, unlike perfumes, this product only contains between 10% to 20% pure essential oil, the rest is a mixture of alcohol and water. It lasts longer on the skin than a cologne, and its aroma can be more perceived by whoever is close to you. All this makes it the perfect product for a day at work or a night out with friends.

Eau de Toilette

It is a product that translated into Spanish means "Toilet Water" since it has a slightly lower concentration of essential oils than Eau de Parfum. It contains between 5% to 15% concentration depending on the brand you choose, making it the ideal fragrance for a short meeting or perhaps a job interview. You decide when to use it!

What is Eau de Cologne?

We have already told you all the types of fragrances that exist, but you must still be wondering: what is Eau de Cologne? 

The reason we left this product for the end of this guide is because it is the fragrance with the lowest concentration of essential oils of all the aforementioned.
It lasts just 2 hours, as it has a concentration of 2% to 4% essential oil. However, this does not make it a less important product since it is perfect to spray a little on the body after a shower.

Perfumes and colognes are only applied to the wrists and neck, but the Eau de Cologne is the ideal fragrance to accompany the products that you use frequently after a bath. Because who doesn't like to always feel fresh and smell pleasant?


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