30 Apr

It does not matter if a perfume is imported or of national origin, the useful life of a fragrance depends on the raw materials with which they are made. That is, essential oils, alcohol, and other ingredients.
For example:
Natural perfumes with citrus or floral notes do not last as long because they do not contain preservatives. Fragrances with stronger notes like oriental or woody tend to last a bit longer.

How long can a perfume that does not open last?

According to specialized perfumers, an unopened bottle of perfume can last several years depending on how it is stored. There is no rule on this subject, just proper care, and storage to prevent the aroma from oxidizing or vinegar.

As you have already seen, perfumes expire, but it remains in the due care that you give them so that you prolong their life, and you can use them as many times as you want. Whether they are citrus, floral, sweet perfumes or the olfactory family you prefer, remember that the key is to keep them as far away from the sun as possible.

Since each fragrance is created with botanical extracts, it changes over time. This allows you to olfactorily experience the subtle changes in the composition: it applies to both the intensity and the maturity of the fragrance in question.

And if you wonder, can an open perfume cause skin problems over time?

"In theory, NO, speaking of natural ingredients. If they cause allergies, they do it from the beginning, not if the product has been open for a while.
The same happens, in general, with most chemical components. Let's just say that there is no actual expiration date, it is the expiration date of UV filters and antioxidants to pay attention to.

Alcohol, on the other hand, plays a vital role because it is the component that modifies the ingredients from the beginning", "it is the most aggressive, being a solvent that modifies the composition. Over time, alcohol can lose it, let's call it, aggressiveness and make the aroma less persistent, rounded, or sweet, or amplify its natural acidity, as in the case of citrus.

The main dilemma among fragrance aficionados, who not only have perfume, but have a rich collection, is whether there really is an expiration date. Of course, there is always an expiration date, even for perfumes, which is printed on the packaging. 

However, after the indicated months, it can be said that the perfume NEVER expires, but its characteristic aroma can change or even disappear. 

Citrus fruits, for example, evaporate more easily. By contrast, base notes, such as woody ones, evolve and improve over time, a bit like a bottle of wine from a good year.

"Of course, there is no rule, it all depends on the complexity of the perfume and the number of molecules that interact. The interaction is much easier if 10 or 15 essential oils are used together, the oxidation is a bit like that of wine: some ingredients become more interesting over time, others don't, also due to the alcohol which gives an additional interaction to the fragrance layering.

I have many perfumes that seem more interesting to me even after three and even five years, while others lose their intensity.

For example, woody, amber and musky notes hold up well, citrus notes "flatten"'.
A fragrance is important, our favorite perfume can make others identify with us and feel amazingly comfortable with our presence.

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