28 Apr

If you have wondered more than once if perfumes expire, then this article is for you. 

Indeed, perfumes have an expiration date, but we have good news! 

They last much longer than you imagine. At the pharmaceutical level, a fragrance or cosmetic product always has an expiration date, between two and five years, up to a maximum of eight.

An olfactory brand does not make the perfume, but orders it from a factory that, to prevent it from developing incorrectly, introduces UV filters among the ingredients, to prevent the perfume from degrading if it comes into contact with light, and antioxidants, such as tocopherols, the same ones used in skin care, so that the product lasts longer.

So how long does it take for a perfume to expire? 

Well, that will depend on your aromatic oils and the place where we keep them. 

For example, it is true that perfumes go bad in the heat, so if you leave them away from sunlight, they may keep a little longer. But pay attention! Next, we will tell you everything you need to know so that the fragrances you already have at home or that you plan to buy soon last much longer. 

How to know when a perfume expires?

There are two very quick and easy ways to know if your perfume or cologne has expired: by checking your sight and smell.

Control by sight
Check the color of your perfume. If it changed to a darker or faded tone, it means that it has expired. Also, when they reach their expiration dates, perfumes evaporate, so if you see less in the bottle than you remember using, now you know why.

Control by smell

If you cannot open the bottle because it came very sealed, apply a stream of perfume on your wrist, if the smell is vinegary, it is better that you discard that fragrance.

How to take care of my perfumes?

Peaceful! The truth is that you can use an expired perfume, but to avoid any discomfort due to an aroma that does not fully convince you, we are going to tell you what you can do to take care of your perfumes and that they last much longer.

First, you must consider the place where you store your favorite fragrances. 

If you can, keep the bottles inside the box they came in, but if you got rid of them to save space, no problem! You just must keep them away from sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Sure, you want to use your perfume every day and that's why you keep it in the bathroom but keep it away from there! As much as you want to apply it after the shower and want to have it on hand, we suggest you avoid the bathroom, as that is where the steam and heat from the shower is concentrated, thus accelerating the expiration of your fragrance.

We also recommend that you cover the perfume immediately after using it, so you will avoid unnecessarily exposing it to the air. Also, there is something you should avoid at all costs: shaking the bottle. In fact, this is one of the practices that takes the longest life from any fragrance due to friction that evaporates the aroma and breaks it down.

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